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Power BI Desktop Installation Guide


Power BI is a dashboard reporting tool which uses the various data sources (SQL Server, excel, csv, analysis services and text files) as input for reports/dashboards.

Benefits of Power BI:-

  1. Dashboard Reporting
  2. Easy and User Friendly
  3. Minimal Coding and no technical expertise is required
  4. Can use wide variety of data source
  5. Cloud Reporting (so you can access reports in mobiles)

You can download the Power BI Desktop setup file (PBIDesktopSetup_x64.exe) from any one of the below links,


Power BI Installation Procedure:-

Step 1:- Double click the “PBIDesktopSetup_x64.exe” Setup file and Select Language and then click “Next”

Step 2:- Click “Next”

Step 3:- Accept the Terms and click “Next”

Step 4:- Change the default Installation Drive (If needed) and then click “Next”

Step 5:- Check the checkbox (if you need a desktop shortcut) and click “Install”

Step 6:- Installation is in progress, please wait for it to complete

Step 7:- Check the “Launch” checkbox and click “Finish”

Power BI Desktop will Appear, now you have successfully installed the Power BI Desktop in your Machine.

Happy Learning, To Explore and Create your first Power BI Dashboard, Please click here