Author: Raghull Sethuraman

On-Demand Performance Test Rig with JMeter

These days it has become necessary to execute the performance test at low cost. This blog details about the how to setup  “On-Demand & low cost” Performance test rig on Azure and execute performance test with it.

Primarily, to setup the on-demand performance test rig below are the prerequisites

  1. JMeter scripts needs to be check-in to GIT Repo and keep it updated
  2. Azure Subscriptions with the Resource Group created in which the on-demand test rig will be created.
  3. Azure container Registry (ACR) – The JMeter docker image will be stored here
  4. JMeter plugin Reference

Azure CLI Command must include the following:

  1. Azure container Registry with JMeter Image Path
  2. Region in which the Container need to be spin up
  3. CPU, need for the load test execution
  4. Memory in GB, needed for the test execution
  5. GIT Repo Mount Path


How does it work?

There will be more posts to come on this topic, until then stay tuned and stay safe!!!