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Model Database in SQL Server

Model database is another important system database in SQL Server. It is also called as “Template DB”; SQL Server uses this database as a template db to create a new database. We need this database for SQL Server to come online, because this database is being used to create TempDB while restarting the service/server.

At times, few developers will place objects (tables/procedures etc.) that needs to be created for every newly created database. This would avoid the work of creating those every time.

Recovery Model

Recovery model of “Model” database is depending on the SQL editions. The editions mostly suitable for test and development comes up with recovery model “SIMPLE” and higher editions with “FULL”. This is mainly because Production environment databases require a point in time recovery options on the verge of going corrupted.

It is also a good idea to have a full back up of model database in a daily basis considering there would not be any user transactional databases on Model database.

Model will act as a template only for new database creation, it does not have any impact on restore databases.

Its a short topic, but the importance of Model is high for SQL Server!

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