Tag: CHARINDEX() in SQL Server


CHARINDEX() function returns the position of the string to search in the string to be searched.

Syntax: CHARINDEX ( search string, string to be searched, position search to start )


    1. CHARINDEX is a case insensitive search

    2. CHARINDEX always returns first occurrence of the search word from the search position is defined

    3. If search position is not defined, it returns the first occurrence position


Declare @SearchtoString varchar(100) = 'SQL Server is a database server. I love SQL Server.'
Declare @SearchString varchar(100) = 'Server'

SELECT CHARINDEX(@SearchString, @SearchtoString,4) AS MatchPosition;

--Another example
;With cte as
	Select @SearchtoString stringtobesearched, CHARINDEX(@SearchString, @SearchtoString, 0) StringPosition
	union all 
	Select stringtobesearched, CHARINDEX(@SearchString, stringtobesearched, StringPosition+1) From cte
	where StringPosition > 0
Select * From cte where StringPosition  0

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