How to Automatically Post to Facebook From WordPress

I was wondering if there are any automatic way of posting my blog post to Facebook directly from WordPress as it gets published. I found several ways, as one of my first google search was pointing to a page- Its quite good one and describes few methods. However, I was not still convinced to believe there are no way and surfaced the wordpress menu bars multiple times.

Finally, I managed to get a way to do as below. Not sure if there are any other better way around, I would appreciate if there are any simpler way than this.

Go to “My Sites” -> Tools -> Marketing -> Connections

Another way is to provide “Sharing Buttons” in your blog post. But I feel the above one is quite easy and it works out for me well. I do not think to go for any plugins to do this job, this makes life easier for many bloggers like me.

Looking forward your thoughts and requesting you to share if there are any other better or alternatives.

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