Update() Trigger Function in Table

Update() function returns “True” in any case the Insert/update attempt is successful on the supplied column, the significance of this function is to trigger the action/code only if the supplied column is get updated or inserted successfully.

In the below example, I’ve used the Update() function for identifying any changes in “CodeValue” column of table “Configtbl” and ignored the column changes if its value is same.

“Configtbl_Audit” table will get loaded based on the changes in “CodeValue” column in “Configtbl”

drop table if exists Configtbl
drop table if exists Configtbl_Audit

create table Configtbl(
	 Code nvarchar(10) not null,
	 CodeValue decimal(10,2) not null
insert into Configtbl(Code,CodeValue) values ('VA1111',25.99),('VA1118',19.99)

create table Configtbl_Audit(
	 Code nvarchar(10) not null,
	 Old_Value decimal(10,2) not null,
	 New_Value decimal(10,2) not null,
	 DateModified datetime not null
IF EXISTS (SELECT name FROM sys.objects WHERE name = 'TRG_UPD_NEW_OLD_VALUE' AND type = 'TR')  

ON Configtbl

declare @oldvalue decimal(10,2),@newvalue decimal(10,2), @Code nvarchar(10)
IF (UPDATE (CodeValue))  
	select @oldvalue = CodeValue , @Code = Code from deleted

	insert into Configtbl_Audit(Code, Old_Value, New_Value, DateModified)
	select @Code, @oldvalue, CodeValue, getdate()
	from inserted 
	where code=@Code
	and @oldvalue <> CodeValue



View of Data in Configtbl and Configtbl_Audit tables before doing any updates:

After updating “Code” column in Configtbl table:

After updating “CodeValue” column in Configtbl table:

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