Some thoughts on working from home and remote work

“Work from Home” – A new IT norm in India. Before I jot down my views here, let me clarify, its my personal views, you may or may not agree to all, but good if you can share your thoughts in the comments section.

So, a new norm, Initially, I was not thinking Indian IT would adopt this so fast we are now for various reasons like intermittent network issues, unavailability of network at remote places and other logistics. But, CORONA the real game changer made it all happen so quickly. I would personally think we travelled at least 5 years ahead than we could have been if the pandemic had not been come into our life. Anyway, few things are positives, but lots of negatives like our normal life has impacted a lot like street shop businesses (one of the major business in India), hospitality, travel etc. A mood of despondency had set in many people. However, am taken aback to see our ability and tenacity to fight back with CORONA as well as the challenges due to that. As we started working from home, we also had lots of changes in our life styles. Now, there are few things, which I wanted to share with you all, very important for all of us, thought its not late yet. Here we go…

1. Our posture is our future
It is important to keep a good posture at work. People tend to take their comfort with different method, sitting on bed, lying down or any other awkward ways. But, it is very important that we should follow the right postures for a long run. Desk ergonomic is important to be followed as this work from home extends to more months.

2. Exercise to live healthy
“Good things come to those who sweat.” – It has everything. You may not be able to go to your regular gym, but make sure you continue your walk.

Here are few suugestions:

Jogging on the spot
Push ups
Skipping rope

3. Right food at right time
Being at home, the big negative is our food intake. We work along with family, they would supply lots of food to make us energetic, but be aware, those are not really good for our health. Have food for our thoughts not for body (too much). Try to shift from junk to healthy. Avoid dry snacks/chips etc. Staying hydrated is equally important having food at time.

4. Shift ear-in headphones to ear-on/over headphones
Important guys, I am a victim of it. Switch immediately from ear-in to ear-on headphones. My doctor advised me to do this shift for everyone including kids. Now, kids have online classes and they spend more time with head phones. If you still use ear-in then change to ear-on ones. The later causes lots of fungal issues in your ears and it will lead to a very bad pain in your ears. So, take swift action!

5. Take leaves and clean leaves around you
Now days, no celebrations/marriage functions etc. So you will have many leaves in credit. I would recommend to take the leaves to spend with your family. I used to go to my backyard with my family and clean the area on those days. Good for health and thoughts. Its always good to stick to the office time as you were in office. We may tend to extend our office hours naturally, but we need to be aware when to close the business hour and involve with rest of the world. 🙂

Hope this helps you also, share your thoughts. Stay home stay healthy!

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