Zoomit – A tool to boost your presentation skills

If you are community player or even you want to present something to someone, you may need to zoom in and zoom out certain area of your presentations to make the audience clear about your key areas. I always find it difficult if I share a screen with someone on explaining things and showing it to them. Power point presentation has an option to zoom-in and zoom-out, however, this cannot be applied for other software like SSMS etc. Today, let us quickly see some of the options that could help us in similar situations.

There is a default option in SSMS to zoom out, however, its applicable for only Query part as below:

If you need something for results or any other area, then there is no default way of achieving in SSMS. To support in such situation, I would like to introduce a tool called Zoomit by Microsoft. You can download the tool from the below link:


You can explore this tool and share your thoughts. If you are already using any other tools, please share the details, happy to explore and play with it. Looking forward your comments.

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