Windows Power Shell Script to Find Full File Path Length for all files in Directory

In some cases, we may need to identify the maximum length of full file path in a directory such that we can reduce the file name to avoid file length/security policy issues.

PS Script:-

$pathToScan = "C:\temp\File_Length"  
$outputFilePath = "C:\temp\File_Length\output.txt" 
$writeOnConsole = $true   

$outputDir = Split-Path $outputFilePath -Parent
if (!(Test-Path $outputDir)) { New-Item $outputDir -ItemType Directory }

if ($writeOnConsole) {Write-Host "*************************************"}
if ($writeOnConsole) {Write-Host "  List of files with file Length :-  "}
if ($writeOnConsole) {Write-Host "*************************************"}
$stream = New-Object System.IO.StreamWriter($outputFilePath, $false)
Get-ChildItem -Path $pathToScan -Recurse -Force | Sort-Object {($_.FullName.Length)} -Descending | ForEach-Object {
    $Path = $_.FullName
    $len = $_.FullName.Length
    $strg = "$len : $Path"
    if ($writeOnConsole) { Write-Host $strg }



Hope this would be helpful, thanks for reading !!

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