Toulouse Chapter

This post has nothing to do with SQL Server, but sharing my experiences at Toulouse in France.

I stayed near by Blagnac airport, Fasthotel, a decent hotel with all amenities and a clam place to live. And another reason, the hotel is just behind my office!!!

It was an official visit to Toulouse for 2 weeks from 12th May 2019 to 25th May 2019. As this was my first visit, I was really excited. At this point, I need to mention about one of my colleague – Pascal Benguigui . He was right there at Toulouse airport waiting for my arrival, have to say a big thanks to him!

Few things I really felt energized at Toulouse:

1. The French start their day with a warm greet – “bonjour” with a hand shake!

2. People are “Working to Live” unlike “Living to Work” 🙂 – Really appreciate the commitment towards the work during office time and family during the rest!

Another person – Alexis Molteni, I have to mention about him as a most kind and down earth, a perfect gentle man! We three had really really good time. We have been there out almost every day visiting many places like Spanish Tapas “Las Tapas Locas“, Lebanian restaurants, “Capitole de Toulouse” , “Castle Carcassonne” and long walks at nights in the street of Toulouse and many… They really made me feel like I am part of them.

I am really missing these two guys while writing this blog, keeping a good faith that we will meet on another day soon. until then Thank you Pascal and Alexis…

We have a lunch team of 7 people including me and all were trying to find a better food for me by trying different dishes and even different restaurants everyday. Thanks to everyone accommodating me as part of your lunch family!!!

Here are few food items I tried…

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